Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Seminole Tribe Motocross website! We take your privacy as seriously as we take our jumps and wheelies. Here’s our privacy policy:

  1. Your personal information is like a well-tuned dirt bike engine: we’ll keep it safe and sound, and only use it to keep you informed about upcoming races and events.
  2. We won’t sell your information to third parties. We’re not in the business of sharing secrets – except for the best spots to catch some air on our track.
  3. We may use cookies, but not the kind you can eat. These cookies help us improve our website and track how many people visit. They won’t give you cavities, but they might make you crave some sweet jumps.
  4. We promise not to stalk you. We won’t follow you home, peek in your windows, or hide in your garage. Unless you have a sweet motocross setup, in which case we might stop by for some tips.
  5. We may collect some non-personal information, like your IP address or the type of device you’re using. But don’t worry, we won’t judge you for using a rusty old laptop – as long as it gets you to our website.

Thanks for visiting our website, and happy motocrossing!

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